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260580485 Fahrradstreifen mit Piktogramm auf dem Asphalt
222296599 Asphalt Beton Strasse mit Wolken Himmel Horizont Panorama
191293978 Roof construction detail isolated on white background. 3D illustration
234864190 New asphalt texture background. Top view
262933443 Yellow red road warning signs
168030344 black asphalt road and white dividing lines
254335310 black asphalt road
257229059 industrial landscape with rollers that rolls a new asphalt in the roadway. Repair, complicated transport movement.
133782425 texture of asphalt, seamless texture, pavement, tile horizontal
143634656 Old concrete texture background, Vintage concept.
253064933 Damaged asphalt road (Crater Rim Drive) in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park after earthquake and eruption of Kilauea (fume at upper right) volcano in May 2018. Big Island, Hawaii
200495370 Asphalt road as background.Closeup view.
201419293 Pothole in road with broken asphalt after spring thaw
170735876 Asphalt road among the summer field
140097352 Czarna asfaltowa droga tło z masy bitumicznej
262264563 Car on road covered in autumn forest
260443746 view of street pavement wet after rain with water puddles
263079599 Dermerval Bielski
263335271 Man cleans sidewalk at early morning time.
216973068 Worker distributes on the edge the asphalt laid out for the construction of a road
201911921 Straße führt durch idyllische Morgenlandschafft
151900108 Gray asphalt road background or texture
176043117 Asphaltmuster
263252574 Asphalt road in green forest
253729623 Strasse mit Kreuzung und Fahrverbot. Strassenschild und Wegweiser
262561323 asphalt paver on a road construction site
145388924 Strassenbau - Teermaschine macht neue Asphaltdecke
261078219 roller and the black asphalt of the new road
119310454 Desert Highway
255623461 Homeowner spreads blacktop asphalt sealant on driveway
262818156 Asphalt
261239694 Risse in der Fahrbahn
221669268 Asphalt Textur
237024708 Budowanie Drogi - Asfalt- Walec
103678346 White dotted line on city asphalt road background.
263717571 Eifelstraße im Frühling
151191586 Asphalt Strasse hintergrund textur
172479271 Straßenwalze und dampfender Asphalt
114958373 asphalt crack texture
261370945 Alte Bahngleise am ehemaligen Hagen in Offenbach
258919007 Car rides on asphalt mountain road with traffic. Scene. Mountain winding track with car traffic and beautiful views of mountain slope with greenery in summer
262901824 Fast cars
259534086 Asphalt road Texture
163740508 Concrete old wall surface
132297439 Asphalt road and sky
255582247 shoe on road
263046581 Old worn and cracked asphalt with cracks.
261313530 asphalt background texture
144948743 Tarmac background photo texture, road
263562296 Laying asphalt with a paver on city road